Recommendations for Richard Shatto

We appreciate the opportunity to work with great clients and business associates.
Consulting for Environmental Projects

“Richard has engaged as an information and solution service and product provider over the last 7 months. During this time he has shown an amazing ability to gasp new concepts and technologies in the environmental industry. He has included Caringfornature on a number of projects and he has always provided a detailed and informative outline of the project's environmental requirements, making our task of fitting a solution to the problem so much easier. I would highly recommend Richard as a working partner on any project he feels capable of undertaking.”  

Steve John, Managing Director, Caring for Nature, United Kingdom

 October 20, 2011


Consulting for Startup Clothing Manufacturer

"In the past year I have had the opportunity of working with Richard on a variety of different projects. Richard is a forever optimist. He is a fearless networker and is open and honest with every new business and non-profit project he takes on. His best quality, however, is a never ending stream of innovative and creative solutions to moving businesses forward." 

Joel Primus, CEO / Owner, Naked Boxer Brief

February 16, 2010


Marketing Project Consulting Work
Board of Director for Community Association

“I worked closely with Richard on various marketing projects including research programs and marketing strategies development. Rick showed his excellence in project management, creativity and communications. I was impressed with his ability to perform several tasks simultaneously, his open-mindness and eagerness to help. He is also one of the greatest idea generators I have ever met!” 

Stas Sushkov, Marketing Consultant

February 26, 2008



“Richard has been integral in helping Volunteer Abbotsford transition its program to be Abbotsford's new Community Volunteer Center. He has assisted in running workshops on Social Media, helped us build our website, assisted with the  social media exposure and consultation in everyday concerns. He is kind, enthusiastic and always makes everyone feel at ease. He has the heart of a volunteer and continues to give back to the community. We appreciate everything Richard has done for Volunteer Abbotsford.” 

Jane Cooper, Executive Director (Former), Volunteer Abbotsford

August 12, 2010


Project Management Consulting Work

“I worked with Richard at a business management consulting firm, where he was VP of Project Development responsible for strategic planning, creative and project management work. He was very productive and result-driven, paying a lot of attention to building good relations with clients. Richard is very focused on delivering the best solutions whatever the project. While I was on his team, he successfully completed a number of projects across different sectors, including education services, agriculture, manufacturing. He is very broad-minded, a brilliant speaker and I was amazed of his writing talent. Rick has a charming outgoing personality, and he was so supportive as a team member and a mentor; a pleasure to work with!” 

Maria Sushkova, Research Consultant
December 1, 2008


Business Development for International Project

"Richard and I have worked together on numerous consulting projects. Richard is a team player with a solid and proactive business approach and is highly skilled at identifying viable business opportunities. Richard is someone who takes the initiative to help move projects to the next level in a creative and practical way."

Connie Linder, VP Development, Polymer Research Technologies
June 27, 2012