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Consumer Advocacy and Support for Homeowners

​Letter of Reference for Alvin Epp​

"When it comes to housing, in particular strata buildings Mr. Epp has not only the experience but the passion to develop policy initiatives to both improve the quality of buildings as well as the homeowners’ understanding and experience with strata living. If he lacks in knowledge, he has developed an extensive network of informed, respected individuals and/or organizations to access detailed technical, or data related information."

Carmen Maretic, Past President, CASH Society

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Chair of strata expresses his appreciation

"From the moment Mr. Epp met with our full Strata Council to outline his recommendations to solve the (now) costly problem, he gained the complete confidence of our Council. His knowledge of the engineering issues in our building and the required sequence of necessary work and repairs to eliminate the problem were absolutely correct. In addition, Mr. Epp gained the confidence of the owner who was frustrated with the seemingly endless stream of contractors who failed to solve the persistent leak."

David G. Howard, Strata Council President

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