Past Projects

We have business development initiatives in a number of industry sectors including: Construction, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Manufacturing, Software Development, Waste Management and Waste to Energy Initiatives, Emergency Relief Housing and General Business and Management Consulting.

Global Polyurethane Recycling Technology

We currently work with Polymer Research Technologies Ltd, a start-up company that has developed an innovative, award winning technology for chemically recycling polyurethane plastics. Initially asked to help with capital acquisition, we have brought in a number of potential investors. Recently, we brokered a Letter of Intent with an international partner that manages materials recovery facilities and paper manufacturing around the world for their first global Joint Venture. 

Remediation of Lake Yojoa in Honduras Central America

Working with a global water remediation company Caring for Nature in the UK and ESP Solutions, an environmental solutions company from Florida, Point Nexus is working with the Honduran Congress and the City of Las Vegas in Santa Barbara, Honduras to help reme of one of the largest and most important lakes in the country. The Lake has been the recipient of organic waste accumulation for years and it has reached a critical level of health. Point Nexus and its partners will be putting in technologies that will clean the lake and keep it clean for decades into the future.  

New Agriculture and Aquaculture Foodstock  

We are helping develop a joint venture between ESP Worldwide, development experts in Honduras, Algae2Omega, a producer of Algae in Florida, Seabuckthorn International Inc., the first Seabuckthorn growers and researchers in Canada and SMK Farms, a Canadian agricultural research facility. The consortium will begin development for a new agriculture and aquaculture super food-stock with a pilot project with DF Corp, part of Groupo MPL, in Honduras, one of Central America's largest shrimp producers and distributors and (tentatively) Richie Smith Feeds, one of Western Canada's largest agri-feed supply companies. The project also includes the University of Honduras, University of Delaware and (tentatively) the University of the Fraser Valley.  Funding is provided in part by the Government of Canada, Going Global Initiative (GGI) (Pending Approval).