Current Engagements

We have had business development engagements in a number of industries including: Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Software Development, CleantechWaste Management and Waste-to-Energy, Consumer Products Development, and Public Company Administration.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

Trident Processes Ltd. is a cleantech engineering  and manufacturing firm that provides world-class wastestream management equipment and solutions to several industries. We have worked 10+ years with the company to help develop the company's master strategic plan for capital acquisition, supply chain re-alignment, relationships for manufacturing and sales distribution in the USA,China and Europe. We are currently helping raise capital and develop in-house expertise to implement their global growth strategy.  

Hemp Food, Health and Pet Products Group. 

Eastwest Bioscience Inc. is a startup food and health products manufacturing and distribution group for hemp-based products.  We are helping develop the overall product marketing and product development strategy. In addition we helped them establish their IPO listing on the Toronto Venture Exchange ("TSX-V:EAST") and have are working with their legal, paralegal, auditors and other professional vendors to ensure the company's administrative reporting and filings requirements are kept up to date with the appropriate securities commissions. 


ProspectAIr Helicopter.jpg
Junior Mining Company

Deeprock Minerals Inc. is a junior mining company with gold properties in Quebec and New Brunswick Canada. We with them and the various professionals (legal, accounting, auditors, and stock exchange) to help them develop and author their prospectus and achieve their initial IPO for listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange ("CSE:DEEP"). Richard Shatto is currently a director, President, and interim CEO of Deeprock Minerals.