​Commercial Property Services

Our commercial property and construction services help property management companies and strata corporations in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley manage the physical property needs of their buildings. 
Building Inspections 

Regularly scheduled inspections  of a building is one of the most important tools a strata has to ensure a building remains healthy. Every strata should have a maintenance and inspection schedule mapped out. Recently,  BC's  Strata Act made it compulsory for strata corporations to create a 30-Year Contingency Plan. This will also  a new  inspection and plan update every 5 years.  

​Proper physical inspection of large commercial and residential buildings  requires a  knowledge the systems and components that make up a building  as well as a thorough understanding of how the systems and materials perform throughout their life-cycle.  

Point Nexus has expertise with building systems including years of large building renovation, envelope  remediation and new construction building projects.  

​Assessment Reports

An Assessment Report  is a key tool for Strata Corporations, Property Managers and Homeowners to gauge the health of their building. Developed after a building inspection is completed and it is critical the assessment report be written in away that the lay reader can clearly understand.  Many reports developed by traditional consulting and engineering firms are complex with too much "techno-speak" to be easy to comprehend.

Point Nexus develops assessment reports with the reader in mind. Our many years of communications experience enables us to turn complicated technical data into information that is understandable and useful for everyone. 

Depreciation Reports

The Depreciation Reports also called 30-Year Contingency Plans  mandated by the Government of BC is a good thing for all strata owners. Though it is true, these contingency plans may increase costs for strata's and home owners through report costs and higher strata fees in the short-term, they will help to protect strata property owners with better, healthier and more valuable properties in the long run.

Two advantages Point Nexus brings to managing Contingency Plan projects are: 1) years of real world expertise and knowledge inspecting buildings and building components and, 2) the ability to communicate the overall report in clear language that is understandable  and easy to update in the future.

Point Nexus managers their 30-Year Contingency Plan projects using a "team" approach. This means Point Nexus manages the overall project and other team members with specific expertise, such as engineers or real estate appraisers, are brought in to develop the part of the project that matches their expertise. 

This is a key approach the BC Government considers to be "best practice" for the Depreciation Reports and the reason they did not specify a particular "certified" specialty for developing the plans. 

“Our strata hired Point Nexus for a maintenance assessment of our high rise. They did an outstanding job. Their work practices were impeccable. The report they gave us was informative and easy to follow, with clear recommendations for the next steps. I recommend them to other strata council's all the time.”

Dave Howard, Highrise Strata Council President