Business Consulting Services

Our business consulting helps organizations develop their strategic business activities with the following services: Business Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Capital Acquisition, Networking, Corporate Administration and Organizational Advocacy. 

Business Strategy

Point Nexus has helped numerous organizations in several industry sectors develop, manage and execute their organizational strategies. Functional strategic planning is critical to the success of every growing organization. But, even the best of strategies will fail if appropriate corporate structure or management experience is not in place to execute those strategies. Every organization is different and Mr. Shatto will work with your team, either as a hired interim executive or as a contracted consultant, to ensure the structures and management skills are in place to complete the business strategy.


Communications is an integral part of any organization's activities. Without communication in some form, there is no activity and their are no sales. Whether that communications is a sales person speaking to a customer, a website communicating a message or a blog or press release that provides information, it is all communications. Paradoxically, even lack of communications, says something about a company and punctuates the importance of why in today's hyper-communications fueled by social media, it becomes vital that your all forms of your messaging be deliberate and strategic. Point Nexus can help you create a strategy that will bridge the gap between traditional business communications and new forms of content made possible by emerging media technologies. 


Tremendous business opportunities can be achieved through effective networking. Making the right connection can take a business to places they never expected. More often that not, those connections are achieved through networking. Networking is making connections to other people and organizations who are also in search of common areas of opportunity. But, as simple as that sounds, networking comes more naturally for some organizations and people than for others. Point Nexus has had the privilege of working in numerous industry sectors and at high levels with various funding agencies. That has often translated into an effective introduction to someone or some organization that makes a great fit. Point Nexus can be of help by representing you or your organization in high level networking situations.


Point Nexus helps management teams develop meaningful and executable marketing plans for their organizations. Experience with numerous different industry sectors business sizes has given Point Nexus the ability to develop brand and messaging that can impact your target audience on a workable budget. Today, a revolutionary change for all organization's marketing is the type, volume and medium for content development. Increasingly sophistocated web-technologies has enabled incredibly rich and dynamic brand and business communication. Point Nexus is able to help organizations meet the needs of marketing, messaging and brand in this new era of important content marketing.

Capital Acquisition 

Finding sources of capital has always been difficult for small business. But, the past few years even more so. Even large businesses are experiencing changes. Point Nexus has experience working with both public and private funding agencies and has helped numerous businesses apply for and successfully pitch for funding. We can help you seek and approach the right funding organization for your situation. We can help you prepare to meet funding agencies, develop appropriate business plans, funding applications or presentations.  Often you may have to approach a number of agencies and sometimes even develop strategies for different agencies to work together to mitigate their risk. Regardless, Point Nexus can help you develop the plan to procure the funding to help your business grow.

Organizational Advocacy

Point Nexus advocates for organizations in a number of ways. We can represent you at networking functions, or we can actually join your board as a director in order to provide influence. Point Nexus' partners are already on numerous boards and have been on many high level boards in the past including President and Governor of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce. We've chaired or co-chaired on numerous industry sector associations as well as high level government, regional and community committees. 

Let us say up-front that we will not advocate for every cause. But, we would be happy to sit down and discuss your situation to discover if some of our experience may help you or your organization. Let's sit down and discover your vision for a better world and how that vision fits our own.

Point Nexus is a Registered Lobbyist with the Federal and BC Governments.