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Richard Shatto

Richard is passionate, some might say obsessive, about expressing ideas clearly. He believes language is meant to be understood. He skillfully turns complex information into understandable concepts. Clear messaging, he believes, plays the most critical role in building an exceptional brand.


Richard works as a consultant to management. He works with dozens of organizations, helping them craft their business plans, their communications strategies and their marketing campaigns. He also works with professionals like auditors, lawyers, paralegals and accountants to manage the corporate requirements of Canadian Reporting Issuers and Public Companies. 

He's played numerous executive roles including President, Chief Exective Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Strategic Planning as well as learning what it takes to execute in the trenches as a salesman, sales manager and production manager. He understands the importance of strong leadership, great concept and design and executable strategy. He also understands that even the perfect business strategy will struggle to succeed without having a solid business process to execute it.

​Richard is passionate about home and family life. He and his wife educated all three of their children at home, two of them diagnosed with learning dis-abilities, all of them happily thriving.