Point Nexus Consulting

Business & Management Consulting Services

​You know your business has potential. But, how do you turn the vision into reality?


Sometimes, when it's going so fast, things start to blur. Then, it gets hard to make important decisions.

When that happens, Point Nexus can help. We can provide the perspective to help you see that bigger picture again, or peer into those small, dark crevices. 

Whatever your need is, call us. We'll help you see your future the way it should be.

​“Working with Richard has been incredibly beneficial to Trident's development. Since starting with Point Nexus, Trident has gone from zero to $10 million in sales and from one employee to fifteen. We are now providing nutrient recovery technology and solutions around the world. I consider Richard's strategic advice an integral part in the success and growth of our company. 

Kerry Doyle, CEO Trident Processes Inc.